Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paranoid Personality Disorder Definition

What is paranoid personality disorder?

People are all different. So trust others very easily from one person and the other is naturally something suspicious. But people with paranoid personality disorder are very suspicious. So much that it interferes with their daily lives.

They are afraid that people want to cheat them and do evil, and are therefore looking for something behind everywhere. Innocent remarks in their eyes, insults or threats. Even their partner see them as dishonest and untrustworthy. People with this personality disorder often quarrel; forgive others is very difficult. Sometimes they suffer from psychosis.

People with this personality disorder learn in therapy how to live with this disorder and how they can deal better with others (social skills). In addition, they usually get psychotherapy.
Paranoid people find themselves not so fast relief. Sometimes it is also necessary to take short someone in a crisis situation in a mental health institution.

paranoid personality disorder

How do I deal with someone who has a paranoid personality disorder?

It is not easy to deal with someone who has a paranoid personality disorder. Anything you say or do can be misinterpreted. If you are friendly, you do not trust the person you for your kindness. Are you angry, then the person that looks like a confirmation: You see, they do not need me!
It is best to be neutral, honest and assertive. What does that look like?
  1. Be trustworthy: come your promises.
  2. If you make a mistake, admit it briefly and clearly increasing.
  3. Monitor your limits. Say what reproaches you do it and what you do not agree. Do this calmly, clearly and concisely.
  4. Take the person not too out of hand. It is for people with this personality disorder nice to have the greatest possible extent.

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